Fancy a Ménage à Trois?

Two is always better than one. You can have all of your cake and eat it too.

Here are some of my beautiful Duo Partners. They’re professional, steamy and together, we’re ready to blow your mind. You could also inquire about a TRIO!


If you are interested in a duo, but they aren’t listed here, please contact me via email and provide me with their twitter or website! I will contact them so we can discuss arranging a duo!


Jaida Ray

Jaida Ray is a professional provocateur and seductress, a beautiful and mystical siren – full of light, laughter and giggles with a flower so perfect I can barely manage to tear my mouth and nose away! You will have to fight me for the elixar that she provides – between her lips and her mouth the waters never stop flowing. The waves of climax that we can reach together are overwhelming. Dare you come play with two daring and dirty playmates? Maybe even find yourself tempted to film the magical encounter- you very own porno princesses?

Rates begin at $600/hh

Where you can find her: