Booking Requests

Please Email Or Text The Following Information to

Phone Number: 519-615-8006

All information is required for a complete booking inquiry.

Phone number:
Desired Service: i.e The Experience +filming
Preferred time: i.e morning, evening,

One of the following real life verification methods:

Verification Photo

Please write [your name] & [the date] on a piece of paper
Take a selfie with the paper


Photo ID 
Drivers License, Passport, Student ID etc
Must show name and photo
Gov. Issued required for filming**


At least one of the following :
Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Instagram
Reference from a provider within the last 6months

**Please confirm with the provider as to whether they offer referenes and are willing to provide one.

**ID is only required for filming 

** Phone call confirmation is required 

I am open to discussing screening with you to accomodate any of your personal concerns, but let it be known- If you think your need for discretion in any way outweighs me RIGHT to safety and security, you are sorrowly mistaken. 

I ask for the details I do, NOT because I have intention to do anything with it or to you, but because I am less likely to be assualted, robbed and murdered by someone who knows I have an image of what they look like.

This is a simple trust test. You can verify my realness all over the internet via a number of platforms – but I have no idea who you are.
If you want me to feel comfortable with you, then you need to trust I mean no harm and have no intention of using any info I am provided to cause harm. It is merely a means for me to keep myself safe.
When I am comfortable, I can play at my best!

I am so looking forward to hearing from you!


Deposits are NON-refundable

Cancellations must be made 48h prior to your booking time in order for your deposit to be held for a future booking. Deposit is held for 90 days to be used towards a booking.

Last minute cancellations may result in larger deposit or full payment requirements for future bookings.

If you violate my DONTs your booking will be terminated without refund.

If at any point I am made to feel unsafe, your booking will be terminated without refund


Do NOT bash other providers during the booking process or our date

Do NOT attempt to haggle the listed rates.

Do NOT assume consent. Ask. Politely.

Do NOT give out my location and other information pertinent to our booking

Racism, Sexism, Anti-LGBTQ, Xenophobia, Fatphobia or hatred and bigotry of any kind will NOT be tolerated


Communicate! If you are running late. If you’d like to try something. If you don’t like something!

Please come prepared with payment in envelope

Please be kind, compassionate and prepared to have a great time!

Most of all, I want us to enjoy our time together!