Hello, my name is Samantha Knoxx

Born in ’97 and raised in the Niagara Peninsula. I am a sensual entertainer; an artist of the body, mind and soul.

The Stats

Shape: Petite 

Hair: Pixie 

Tattoos: Many

Piercings: Septum, Nipples, Ears, Belly

Height: 5′ 3″

Weight: 125lbs

Shoe size: 6-7.5 us women’s

Lingerie: S

Zodiac: Cancer

Though English is my first and most fluent language, I was in an immersive French program throughout my youth. Regrettably, I don’t have many opportunities to practice the language. I take pride in my community care involvement; working with SafeSpace London- a not for profit grassroots sex worker oriented organization focussed on peer support and decriminalization for the industry- is a huge part of my life. I dream of the day when SafeSpace will be able to open the doors of our forever home. I am the ever adoring mama of several lovely fur babes and many, many plants.

I love reading; I have always had a deep hunger for knowledge and a thirst for story-telling, be it my own or anothers. I love movement and flowing-  practicing yoga and pole is a very important part of my life. It is one of the things that grounds me and brings me peace. As does being outside. The healing vibrations of being surrounded by Mother Gaia and all of her creatures fuels my soul.

Spending time in nature is a necessity for me.

I have a special affinity for waterfalls, oceans, lakes and rivers: I am a Cancer after all. I feel most at home by a body of water- or in my bathtub! I like to enhance my experiences with cannabis and, occasionally, psilocybin. I do enjoy a floral, herbaceous cocktail every once in a while or a nice riesling, however, I prefer to keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum. I love bubble baths, cooking delicious plant based foods (and eating it of course!) and spending time with my fur babes and beloved ones.

I take exceptional care of myself;  mind, body and spirit.

I have always been an entertainer.

Throughout my childhood I sang in choir, practiced figure skating, ballet and gymnastics. During high school I added the dramatic arts to my repetoire; I was a theatre kid. I continued figure skating up until my late teens. As an adult I have been able to renew my passion for movement – as an exotic dancer and pole artist. My pole journey is something I am extremely passionate about. I have begun teaching choreo classes at a studio I train at; and I hope to compete over the next few years. 

I consider myself to be a multi-facteted Body Artist

My body is a part of my language, a way to speak; an extension of my being. I am a thorough entertainer. I am at home in the spotlight. Whether on a main stage in front of a large audience, or on a personal stage, performing for one lucky viewer- I inject every moment with playfulness, expertise and the art of sensuality.

Book Me For Your Next Event

I began my career in the adult industry as a dancer September 2016.

Within a few months, I added online work to my resume in the form of camming and content creation. After navigating  and battling whorephobia in the industry, I realized quickly that I have always been somebody that finds joy in exploring and creating with my sexuality. I did not want to confine myself to the more “acceptable” forms of sex work. To put it rather bluntly; I love to fuck. I create, I heal, I enjoy. I am now a truly versatile human offering live performance, massage, companionship, custom content, subscriptions, video/phone calls, and personal porn videos!

Ready to Meet Me?

Everyone loves gifts!


My favourites are thoughtful gifts that reflect my interests, gift cards, tips and donations made in my name.


I will always, always, always happily accept plant gifts! I prefer a plant over a bouquet of flowers. Something I can nurture and grow; that serves as a small reminder of our wonderful time together. Though I adore lilies and roses if you do decide a bouquet is the right gift for the moment – I will dry them and use them in my crafts and display!

I do not place high value on materialistic items; I grew up in a very low-income household and I value meaning over expense.  A book (gift card to a book store will do as well!) or something for my sweet fur babes is most appreciated.

Despite not being an overly boujee individual, who doesn’t like to be pampered and spoiled every once in awhile? A trip somewhere with a beach and a full spa day have been some of my most cherished gifts.

 I also am always grateful for donations to local charities and organizations:

Listed below are some of the organizations you can donate to in my name:

Safe Space London

Maggies Toronto




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