Deposits are NON-refundable – if you no show or cancel this is your cancellation fee

Cancellations must be made 48h prior to your booking time in order for your deposit to be held for a future booking. Deposit is held for 90 days to be used towards a booking.

Last minute cancellations may result in larger deposit or full payment requirements for future bookings.

If you violate my DONTs your booking will be terminated without refund.

If at any point I am made to feel unsafe, your booking will be terminated without refund



Do NOT bash other providers during the booking process or our date

Do NOT attempt to haggle the listed rates.

Do NOT assume consent. Ask. Politely.

Do NOT give out my location and other information pertinent to our booking

Racism, Sexism, Anti-LGBTQ, Xenophobia, Fatphobia or hatred and bigotry of any kind will NOT be tolerated



Communicate! If you are running late. If you’d like to try something. If you don’t like something!

Please come prepared with payment in envelope

Please be kind, compassionate and prepared to have a great time!

Most of all, I want us to enjoy our time together!